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Kundalini... light isn't just drawn, it draws itself the world and life perception.


The society Kundalini began its activities in 1996. The brand develops the idea of a whole new type of lamp, extremely innovative with astonishing shapes and a strong identity.

Quickly, Kundalini achieved great success, to the point of being present worldwide. The international community of contemporary design classifies Kundalini as a pioneer society, not only for developping a new kind of products, but also for its innovative spirit in term of design researches or new materials use.

The entreprise provides itself with the mean to success, by calling on the greatest designers. Some famous names collaborate to Kundalini's collections : Karim RashidMarzio RusconiHopf & Wortmann , Benjamin HubertAs for certain pieces, they became iconic and can even be admired in renowned international design museum : ShaktiCloverBokka...

All those creations are bestsellers and striked the contemporary design History. Nominated many times, Kundaline has became nowadays one of the most prestigious brand in the lighting area

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