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Foscarini : a lot more than just lamps.. a collection filled with emotions.


Settled in Murano island since the beginning of the 80's, Foscarini distinguished quickly from other Murano glass manufacturers. For each project, Foscarini chooses a new supplier in order to fit the project the best way possible. A freedom in the production process which brought Carlo Urbinati and Alessandro Vecchiato, designers at first, then managers, to experiment with other materials. That strategy lead to a new collection, featuring various inspirations, raw materials and technologics innovations.

Since 1983, Foscarini has cooperated with external designers, coming from across the world. During its success, Foscarini has managed to develop more than 50 models, 20 different materials and 30 designers. Each creation tells a unique story and fits to tangible requirements. The project's spirit guides the medium's choice. Foscarini is an entreprise focused on new products development, which decides to only achieve projects expressing neww ideas. That's why Foscarini's lamps are so innovative and feature durability, apart from ephemeral trends, being today and tomorrow's basics.

Therefore, Foscarini applied to unite both masters and young prodigies like Rodolfo DordoniLumiere'creator, one of the brand's bestseller, a contemporary interpretation of classical blown glass lamps. Ferruccio Laviani author of Orbitalsculptur-like unique floor lamp. Jozeph Forakis, designer of Havanathe first Foscarini's lamp not made of glass, and part of the MoMA permanent collection, is an other worldwide iconic object. Marc Sadler, uncontested contemporary design master, created Mite and Tite , which get The Compasso d'Oro 2001 ; those lamps were created after years of searches and tests, in an innovative mix of glass, carbon and Kevlar fibers. We can also quote Twiggy of Marc Sadler, Gregg of L+R Palomba, Aplomb of Lucidi as well as Binic made by Ionna Vautrin… Each Foscarini's lamp has a story to tell.

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