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Faïencerie des Emaux de Longwy, mastering the "savoir-faire français" since 1798

Founded in 1978, the fondation de la Faïencerie (pottery works) à Longwy see the day in a former convent. Since the "premier Empire", its creations have been renowned. During a visit in the manufacture's workshop, the Emperor Napoléon Ist has even ordered many table sets, intended for the Imperial Houses of the Legion of Honour.

Thanks to the d'Huart family, which take over the pottery works in 1835, the manufacture prosper. Willing to counter massive Asian importations since 1872, the family d'Huart asks the Italian Amedee de Carenza to bring his skills, and by doing so develops original technics which leads to divided earthenware-enamels. From then on, the famous Emaux de longwy see day, followed by an unequalled traditional and artistic success.

Further to a lack of creativity, the pottery works decides to abandon its table sets production in the 50's. Through the arrivak of Michelle Koska in 1991, the manufacture gets back in shape and offers new creations, new shapes, ornaments and colours. After an empty period, the pottery works is seen again in the highest luxury goods shops, in France and abroad.

 Nowadays the manufacture don't cease to feature its enamels by working with numerous designers, like Hilton, Mc Conico, Anne-Marie Beretta, Régis Dho, and many others.


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