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The brand Jeancel


Jeancel Luminaires, a family « success story ».


The Jeancel Luminaires story, is the story of a family who turned light into his passion. Leading the society is the Italian entrepreneur, Lorenzo Giannini. After establishing the famous society « Métro Libre Service » in Italy, then in France, he decided in the 70's to set up his own entreprise, specialized in lightings, a rapidly expanding  market. Willing to master every level of this business sector, he didn't hesitate to become both a wholesaler and a manufacturer, by resuming the work of the society « Lorraine d'éclairage ». He worked with the biggest national and international brands, and as doing so, acquired a solid reputation in this area. As years went by, the Jeancel Luminaires brand became a renowned brand in the lights market. Nowadays, the brand is considered as a reference for those who want a high quality lighting, and its activities focuses on individuals and professionals selling. It owns three parisian area located shops, and one settled in Nice, in the south of France.

Attracted by design and innovation in the interior and outdoor lighting field, Jeancel Luminaires offers a wide range of lamps, in various styles. From classical to modern, including ethnic and contemporary models, there are products for every personal preferences and for every budget. Each year, our collection expands, in order to offer you the  largest choice.

Extremely demanding on our products quality and on our customer's assistance, Jeancel Luminaires selects European products, offering to its customers the skills of renowned manufacturers : Italians (Foscarini, Masca, Artemide), as well as French (Roger Pradier, Les Créations Val de Loire, Le Dauphin), Spanish (Rogu), or Germans (Grossman, Holtkötter).

Since 2009, Jeancel Luminaires has settled an online shop : Jeancel-luminaires.com. There, you can discover every product selected by our teams, order online, and get a home delivery. The quality of our assistance and our products is a guarantee that your order will be perfectly taken care of.

In our shops or online, we offer you a wide range of indoor and outdoor lightings, lampshades, furniture, mirrors and decorative objects...

Our team, skilled and willing to assist our customer in the best way possible is standing at your disposal to advise you and answer your questions. So, don't hesitate to request us.


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Jeancel Luminaires Orgeval

Jeancel Luminaires Houilles

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Jeancel Luminaires Nice

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